High Steaks Media is interested in the different ways food can be used to delve into a myriad of topics and broader cultural phenomena. We accept pitches for essays/reviews/interviews (800-1500 words). We are volunteer-run and our time is limited—therefore we kindly ask that all pitches be food-focused and push our central ethos forward. That being said, we are pretty open-minded and want ideas that don’t neatly fit into one genre or discipline. We are looking for previously unpublished essays that are highly original and use a unique lens of analysis to approach a restaurant concept, a meal/dining/cooking experience, or the politics of food and identity. Though we love academic analysis and critical theory, this isn’t a requirement and we’re open to various ways of telling a story and making an argument.

What We Want:

  • Essays that are insightful and amusing. Wait, that vegan grilled cheese sandwich reminded you of A Thousand Plateaus? Tell us more.

  • Personal essays about experiences in the food industry. However, these essays should go a little further than simply stating “my job sucked.”

  • Interviews with/profiles of chefs/people in the food industry. If this person has been profiled or interviewed by numerous outlets, please let us know what would be unique about your specific angle.

What We Don’t Want:

  • Jokes about millennials liking avocado toast. Please.

  • Articles that don’t critically examine a restaurant/food and just drink the Kool-Aid. Please don’t profile your friend’s restaurant and wax poetic about the utopian vision of their fusion bowls. No press releases in disguise.

  • Essays that are academic/jargon-heavy for the sake of it. If your essay doesn’t need to reference an academic text, that’s totally fine. But it’s probably more geared for HSM if it does.

Here are a few essays we’ve published that exemplify what we’re looking for:

Please pitch us by emailing In two or three paragraphs, detail your central argument and vision for your essay.  


$150. We are interested in working with writers who want to develop their work. If we accept your pitch, we will require multiple edits, and we will not offer a kill-fee if your pitch is accepted and you do not follow through in the agreed-upon time-frame. Writers are paid when their article goes live. And if you want to review a restaurant or interview someone, we will determine compensation on an individual basis. Good luck!